Welcome to The Family Postcard

With Facebook and Instagram updates taking over from the "wish you were here" postcard, The Family Postcard are upping the game for families and holiday makers.

If you're heading to the South West on holiday why not employ the services of a professional photographer to help you capture those special memories.

With no posing required, it's all about just hanging out and doing what you would normally do on holiday.


How it works

It couldn't be easier. You get in touch, we pick a time and a place, we meet at the chosen location, we hang out and we take a few pictures.

Sessions start at just £300.

If you feel you would like a bit more time, just get in touch for a chat and i'm sure we can sort something out.

We also offer gift vouchers for any amount to put towards a shoot.



What happens if it's raining? (our most popular question)

We're happy to shoot in the rain, just bring your umbrella. However if it's coming in sideways or blowing a hurricane, we're happy to reschedule.

What area do you cover?

Our office is based in Newquay, Cornwall, but we have shot all over the South West as well as the Isles Of Scilly and France.

How long does a shoot take?

We like to allow 2 hours as this gives us time to have a chat and ease into things gently. 

When will I see my photographs?

We aim to have your editing images in a secure online gallery for you to view and share with friends and family within 3 days.

Can I gift a session?

Of course. You can find more information on gift cards here

What can I do with my photos?

You have the rights to use the photos for personal use (not commercial). Print them, share them or hang them on the wall, the choice is yours. 

Will you share my images online without my permission?

No. Of course we love to shout about what we've been up to, but if you're not happy to share you pictures publicly we totally understand and they'll stay in our archive. 

If there is anything we have missed or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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